Our Story

Happy Sparkles Treats Founder Mindy Robbins was born with allergies. Even worse, her daughter was also diagnosed with food allergies in 2nd grade.

School parties, birthdays, and holidays weren't as fun without the yummy treats. Whether you’re 8 or 98, a celebration without dessert is disappointing.

So Mindy went on a mission to create allergen friendly versions of her daughter Ruby’s favorite desserts.

A skilled baker, Mindy was already famous among her friends and family for making delicious desserts. So she started making 2 desserts for each celebration: one for her daughter, and one for the rest of the family.  Eventually the allergen friendly recipes were so good that everyone preferred them over the traditional versions.

Mindy had found the winning combination.  She was making desserts that everyone loved and were also safe for her family to enjoy. She tested her treats on people who don't have food allergies to make sure they passed the "WOW test."

Today, Happy Sparkles Treats taste so good that first-timers have to be convinced that there are no gluten, dairy, nut, or soy ingredients. Most of our fans don’t have any food allergies at all!

Now everyone can share their favorite treats with the people they love - whether they have allergies or not. And you don’t have to choose between enjoying delicious treats and feeling your best.

We use the highest quality ingredients and use organic ingredients when possible. All our treats are made with passion and love which we believe creates our “magic.”

In all we do, we aim to be planet-friendly. This means every Happy Sparkles Treats package is recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

Happy Sparkles Treats is based in Dallas, Texas 

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