Our Story

I am Mindy Robbins, Creator and Founder of Happy Sparkles Treats. I was born with food allergies and had to drastically adjust my diet in 2017. Even worse, my daughter Ruby was also diagnosed in 2nd grade with the same food allergies as mine. We had to eliminate everything with gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy—even our favorite brownies! Since we were able to enjoy the traditional brownies before, it was very difficult to convince ourselves to enjoy eating brownies made with beans, broccoli, and other things you would never expect to find in brownies.

After experiencing the lack of options available, I set out to create replacements for my daughter’s favorite treats. As a self-taught baker, I was determined to solve this problem. My vision wasn't just to make the best gluten-free brownies. It was to make THE BEST BROWNIES! Brownies that are so delicious you would never know they are gluten, dairy, nut, and soy free!

Over the years, I began making two desserts for every celebration: one for me and Ruby and one for the rest of the family. During the pandemic, we celebrated our anniversary. As I walked to the kitchen, I had the vision to create just ONE dessert for us all to enjoy. To my surprise, my first attempt was a success!

I was really inspired and went to work right away recreating all my favorite recipes. After countless revisions and fine-tuning, I finally created the winning recipe. My favorite part is taste-testing with people that don't have food allergies. They can't believe they are gluten, dairy, nut and soy free! It brings me great joy that our family and friends are as excited as we are about these brownies.

News about these brownies spread. People began looking for them in stores.

As my vision grew, I wanted to make these brownies available everywhere! Groceries, coffee shops, restaurants, airports, and universities. To make this a reality, my focus shifted to creating shelf-stable ready-to-eat brownies.

I was blessed to be introduced to the talented and accomplished Michael Robins, Certified Master Chef in America  and President of Integrated Culinary Systems, Inc. At the age of 26, he became the youngest chef in America to be certified at the Master Chef level - an honor he still holds today. In 2008, Michael was in the first graduating class of World Global Master Chefs (WGMC). There are only 68 CMC's and 11 WGMC's in the U.S. today.
It's my absolute pleasure to bring these delicious Premium Gluten-Free Brownies to you for you and your loved ones to enjoy anytime!