Happy Sparkles Treats Creator and Founder Mindy Robbins was born with food allergies and had to drastically adjust her diet in 2017. Even worse, soon after when her daughter Ruby was in grade school, she was also diagnosed with the same food allergies. They had to eliminate many foods with gluten, dairy, nut, and soy--even their favorite brownies! After experiencing the lack of options available, Mindy was determined to solve this problem.

She set out to create not just the best gluten-free brownies, but THE BEST BROWNIES!

After experiencing incredible demand for her brownies, her next challenge was to make her recipe shelf-stable and make it available everywhere. With some help from experts, she worked on her recipe and created an outstanding shelf-stable brownie.

Finally, a ready-to-eat brownie that's gluten, dairy, nut, soy free - and so delicious!

Created by Mindy for Ruby